Digital Design's downloadable order form is provided in Rich Text Format and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Rich Text Format (RTF) files can be opened and edited in Microsoft Word, and many other popular word processing programs. Each RTF file is also provided in ZIP format while PDF file will need either the Adobe Acrobat reader or plugin to print the application so that you can fill it out.

You can obtain a FREE copy of the Acrobat Reader by clicking on the Get Acrobat Reader icon below and following the instructions on that site to install the software. When you print either of the applications, make sure you use the "print" function within the Acrobat reader/plugin and NOT the "print" function within your browser. The application will only print properly from within Acrobat.

Zip files are "archives" used for distributing and storing files. ZIP files save time and space, and make downloading specifications faster. WinZip is one of several utilities that can be used to uncompress ZIP files once they are downloaded.

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Downloadable Form

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   Download Instructions for using .ZIP file:

bulletWindows 95/98/NT Users
  1. Find the file you want and position your mouse pointer over it.
  2. Click the right mouse button.
  3. From the menu which appears choose "Save Link As..." if you're using Netscape, or "Save Target As..." if you're using Internet Explorer.
  4. When the Save As... dialog box appears, choose where to save your file and click Save.
  5. After download the file into the source disk, open it up using word processor and print it out. Please complete the order form, and either fax, phone and mail it to us. We are only able to ship to United States customers at this time.
NOTE : Don't use the left mouse button! If you do, you may corrupt the file by adding blank lines to it, and/or you may be forced to change the file name (depending on the the browser you're using).


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