Important Note

While most people are successful in downloading zipped files, there are occasional problems occur. Because WinZip is a product of Nico Mak Computing, Inc. and Adobe Acrobat Reader is a product of Adobe Systems, Inc., we are unable to provide technical support for you.

If you have problems with the Acrobat Reader, please consult Adobe Technical Support phone number listing page at .

If you have problems downloading WinZip, we suggest you go to their Support page at or go to their Download Problem page at as you should be able to find useful help in solving the download problems you are facing.

If you are coming from America Online and want to download a file, we suggest exiting the browser on AOL and entering the FTP facility in order to download. Most AOL users report success in downloading files this way from our site.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer you are looking for, you can also search the WinZip web site at for words related to a problem of WinZip.



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