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Industrial Controls will be listed under both Surplus and Custom Electronic Engineering. Industrial Controls are usually a metal control panel or small cabinet that will contain relays, motor starters, indicators, switches and Programmable Logic Controllers. These devices are used to control industrial equipment such as concrete plants, municipal water or sewer plants and other automated industrial processes.

Variable Frequency Drive

Motor Starter

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More Components: 

colorball.gif (1653 bytes) Used SQD 3 phase 30 Amp Fused Disconnect $50.00 ea (1 in stock)   

colorball.gif (1653 bytes)New  8.5Hx5.5Wx4.5D Hoffman Nema 1  enclosure  $19.00 ea (7 in stock)  similar to Nema 12 but without a gasket      

colorball.gif (1653 bytes)Used SQD Nema 3 Motor Starter w 240VAC Coil in Nema 1                                    Cabinet  405.00 ea (1 in stock)

colorball.gif (1653 bytes)Used SQD Nema 1 Reversing Motor Starter 110vac coil horizontal $195.00 rev_starter.jpg (180806 bytes)


Industrial Controls Inv
ProductID ProductName ProductDescription Manufacturer Mfg Part # Sell Price On Hand U/M CategoryName
12 Enclosure Nema 1 8.5x5.5x4.5 Hoffman similar to Nema 12 but w/o gasket Hoffman
$19.00 7 EA Industrial Controls
754 Fused Disconnect (Used) 600V 200A 3PH Heavy Duty SQD H-364-RB $450.00 1 EA Industrial Controls
11 Fused Disconnect Used SQD 3ph 30A SQD
$50.00 1 EA Industrial Controls
757 Motor Starter Reverse NEMA 0 used 3 pole 110vac coil, open type horiz mech interlock SQD 8736SB04V02S $160.00 2 EA Industrial Controls
758 Motor Starter Reverse NEMA 0 used 3 pole 110vac coil, open type vert mech interlock SQD 8736SB012V02S $160.00 1 EA Industrial Controls
759 Motor Starter Reverse NEMA 1 used 3 pole 110vac coil, open type horiz mech interlock SQD 8736SC08V02S $195.00 2 EA Industrial Controls
755 Motor Starter used NEMA 0 3 pole 110vac coil, open type SQD 8536SB02V02S $75.00 3 EA Industrial Controls
756 Motor Starter used NEMA 1 3 pole 110vac coil, open type SQD 8536SC03V02S $85.00 7 EA Industrial Controls
13 Motor Starter Used Nema 3 SQD w/240VAC coil & heaters for 480V SQD
$405.00 1 EA Industrial Controls
795 Pull box 6x6x4 galvanized w/ko's w/cover ? ? $4.50 14 EA Industrial Controls


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795 Pull box 6x6x4


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